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Evenfall by S. Robinson

A mystical vagabond named River arrives in her new city for the month. In search of old stories and new ghostly friends, she finds a spirit with a different mindset than the rest. Their whirlwind friendship takes an unexpected turn, merging their paths back towards River’s home which she had been running from in the first place.

This little gem was a fun read! I read this in one setting as I could not put it down. This was an adventure from start to finish. An adventure full of magic. The pacing was perfect for a short story, and I am glad I read this.

The characters were fun. There was not one I did not like. They were all written well, especially for a short story. The slow burn romance did not feel forced. It felt natural and was really cute. Each character helped move the story forward and developed each other in their own way. I think there should have been a little more time with the antagonists, but what we had worked for the story. If there are going to be more stories in this world, I would love to see how the characters develop.

For this being a short story, the author did extremely well with the world building. It was easy to visualize and feel the world created. The magical element in the story was easy to understand. I think it was neat learning the history of magic and how one comes about it. There was enough information to understand what was going on without there being the threat of information dumping.

There is one issue I have with this story, the ending. There was so much buildup, and the author did that well. But when the ending came, it fell short. There could have been a twist somewhere or something. For myself, it felt like the author took the easy way. There is nothing wrong with, but it made little sense for me.

This was a great story and a gem. This could be a series of short stories if the author wanted to revisit this world. I recommend this story for those who love short stories, non-stop adventure, fantasy, fae, magic, and slow burn romance.

I give this book a 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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