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Forever Family: Texas Knights MC, Book 2 by Cee Bowerman

Lisa Green has lived an unlucky life. An unusual childhood turned into life in foster care with no family to really call her own. Mistakes as a teen and bad choices as an adult turned her into a scarred and damaged woman. A chance meeting gives her a best friend, a sister in every way but blood, Carlie. When Lisa moves to Texas with Carlie to help her pursue her dreams, she has no idea that she will find a dream of her own. A love of her own. A family to keep forever.
Zeke is surrounded by people that love him, and people he trusts with everything he is and has. He is used to the simple life, coasting along and enjoying time with his family, the blood kind and the chosen ones. He is blindsided by the beautiful blonde fairy that moves next door.
She feels damaged and ugly, he sees strong and beautiful. With his love and strength, Lisa jumps into a whole new life. One filled with love, new friends, a large family and a baby of her own.
This book references an MC but is more of a romance. Geared more toward relationships and family, characters in this book will show up in a sister series, Texas Kings MC, a more hardcore MC series that will be available soon. Please enjoy these characters as they build their life together.

This is Lisa and Zeke’s story and what a story. Lisa is a survivor from a past that I can’t even fathom, but Lisa’s view on life, with the help of her BFF Carlie from Home Forever, is beautiful and vibrant. She also learns to trust again with the help of Zeke, his twin brother Sam, as well as from the Texas Knights and Texas Kings MC families. You just can’t help but fall in love with all of them, especially her new pal Kale, who she calls a sweetheart. Some of this story is a repeat from Home Forever, but you see it from Lisa and Zeke’s point of view with extra goodies thrown in.

I give this book a 5/5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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