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From Fame to Ruin by Jina S. Bazzar

What if surviving a murder attempt, a heartbreak, and the loss of the family business wasn’t the hardest thing you ever faced?

Carol is the sole heir to a broken empire, Ricardo the newest celebrity in the rock world.
When they came together, their fire blazed. When their past caught up, they were left burned, scorched to the ground.

When a psychopath decides it’s payback time, Carol is faced with an impossible choice – save her son or sell her life.

Ricardo wants nothing to do with the woman who played him for a fool, but finds himself moored by circumstances, half truths, and memories of the past.
They say time can heal anything. So far, time’s brought nothing but complications.

This is a standalone romantic thriller told in alternating timelines and point of views. Warnings include character overdose and mentions of child abuse.

Thriller and Romance are like peanut butter and chocolate. They are great together and separate. This story took me a bit to get into, but it held my interest enough to keep me reading. The pacing worked for this story. It was not too fast, but some points slowed down too much for my liking. During the timeline transitions, the pacing slows a bit, kind of like there was a speed bump, but it picks its self-back up.

Carol is a headstrong and relatable character. She went through hard times in her past and it ends up circling to her present. As a reader, you can see when and how her walls were being created, started cracking, and patched back together. Carol, out of the characters, ended up being my favorite character. She is strong and willing to push forward to prove it to herself.

Ricardo, for me, was more stubborn than headstrong. As a reader, there are times you want to love and root for him. Then there are the other times you want to yell and give him the “Gibbs slap”. Ricardo was a character that, unfortunately, everything went wrong in his past all at the same time. But unlike taking the bull by its horns like Carol did, he went into himself and gave up.

The rest of the cast were very likable characters. I loved how Carol’s group did everything they could to help emotionally. As a reader, you can tell about the relationships they all held. Ricardo’s group was the same way. Even though he did not want them in his business or bothering him, some of his family did not give up on him. They helped move the story forward and held importance and not just another character.

What I liked about this story was how you got two timelines. Within these timelines, you had the point of view of the main characters. This was how we, the readers, learned about the relationship between the two characters. The timeline and point of view change were not confusing and did not pull you out of the story. The author executed this style very well.

I enjoyed this story. It felt predictable, but it held my interest. I would recommend this story to those who like romance, head strong characters, suspense, and a good story.

*I received an ARC from the author, and this is my honest opinion.

I give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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