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Myracles in the Void by Wes Dyson

“He used to say, ‘a broken heart breaks all around it. Heal you, heal the world.'”

There once were two children,
a girl and a boy.
One could create,
the other, destroy.

Within every heart lies the power to bond or break.

On an isolated port of floating garbage called Hop, Gaiel Izz and his sister, Lynd, never imagined they’d be able to change anything…

Not their nasty neighbors, not their hungry bellies, and especially not their missing father.

That will change when they discover the power of myracles — magic that either creates or destroys.

As the brother and sister set across Esa to bring their family back together, this power will either unite them or shatter their entire world to pieces.

It will all come down to what truly lies within their hearts…

Create or destroy?

This story took me a while to get into. The beginning was slow, and at some points, there was some repetitiveness. But mostly, this was an amazing story. Once the story kicked off, the pacing matched. There were intriguing ideas, and that kept my interest.

Gaiel (Gai) is the older brother of Lynd. With this character, I am not sure how I feel about him. I think he is supposed to be around fifteen, but his personality does not match his age. Whenever his character chapter comes, I keep forgetting he was supposed to be an older teenager. He seems to trust or just accept things as they are with no explanation or with what little he was told. I am aware there are people out there that are like this, but it felt off in this story and maybe that was the point. I do not want to say he is a flat character. Gai had the type of character development that was not as drastic, and this worked for him.

Out of the two main characters, Lynd was probably my favorite. Unlike Gai, her personality matched her age, which was around thirteen, I think. Like Gai, she took things as they were, but her trust was a little sketchier. This was what I would think Gai should have been like. Lynd had an amazing character development. She had to overcome many obstacles and her main one was one of my favorite parts of the story.

The world building is amazing in this book. As a reader, you can close your eyes and clearly see what the author is trying to describe. The explanation of the magic being used was not overly confusing and defiantly a different take. The difference between the continents was very clear. In one location, there were multiple levels of society that were well established.

There are some issues I had with this story. Hop’s accent was hard to understand and took a while to get into the groove. There is an incident (the twist I supposed) I had a hard time understanding. I think the author explained it, but it must have gone over my head.

Overall, this was a good story. I would defiantly recommend this to those who like to read fantasy, coming of age, magic, and amazing world building.

*I received an ARC from Book Sirens, and this is my honest opinion.

I give this book a 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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