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Razor’s Edge (Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion #1) by Martha Wells

Times are desperate for the Rebel Alliance. Harassment by the Empire and a shortage of vital supplies are hindering completion of a new secret base on the ice planet Hoth. So when Mid Rim merchants offer much-needed materials for sale, Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo lead an Alliance delegation to negotiate a deal.

I am a big Star Wars fan and out of the original characters, Leia is my favorite. I love reading into her character and was excited to finally reading this.

Razor’s Edge was a fun read. Is it the best book I have read in this universe? No, but it wasn’t the worst. This book felt more of a standalone side story than a story to help build the story line for the Star Wars world. I am fine with it, but because they mentioned getting supplies for Echo Base, I was hoping for a little more on that as it felt they dropped the story. I realize it wasn’t the dominant story, but if they would have said they were out where they were to gain information on the Imperials, I think I would have liked that reasoning better.    

I loved the characters outside of Leia, Luke, Han, Chewie, and the droids, but I would say the Imperial character was not as well rounded as I would have liked. I wish Luke and Chewie was not in this novel or showed up a little earlier. I felt it was odd how they came in and this feeling is the same for the imperial agent. The Alderaanian characters were nice to see another perspective of how a planet would affect its people, besides Leia and the others who agreed to join her in the alliance. I enjoyed them and loved how they were tiptoeing around Leia on how to treat her. The pirates were the real bad guys in this story and are your typical Star Wars bad guys. I loved them.

Leia was fun to read here. I have always enjoyed anything with Leia in this element. She wanted to help her people, but she doesn’t want to tell them what to do, as she is feeling the loss of her planet still as well and she feels her loss in status. She was trying to understand them and why they went the direction they did. The way Leia handles herself with the pirates was a way to show her time in the senate.

I would recommend this book, especially if you are a Leia fan. It is a fun read and something you will enjoy.

I would give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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