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ReInception by Sarena Straus

A corporation’s immensely popular mind technology is eradicating socially unacceptable behavior in 2126 New York City. When a college student and a government labeled terrorist discover the truth of what’s happening inside people’s heads, they fight for their free will and the future of society.

Initially, I was not sure about this story. But then I ended up enjoying it. The pace was quick, and the read was easy. I do not know how long this series is supposed to be, but I cannot wait to read what comes next.

Leandrea was one of the very few in her time not to have modifications. Her parents believed in freewill and did not give into the temptations other had for their children. Now she is at the age where she herself may use mods. Lea is a curious person and wants to learn what life was like prior to modifications but realizes how naïve she is and what a smoke screen everyone is accepting. I cannot wait to see more of her character development in the next book.

Ward was an interesting character. He was very mysterious and along the way; dropped his layers to show who he really was. Ward mostly kept to himself and tried to stay out of trouble. Unlike Lea, he is part of the lower society and much has happened to him. Ward ended up being a favorite of mine, and I would like to know what happens next for his character.

Set in the future, 2126 New York, it was not complicated picturing this world. There were a few changes, such as identifying social status, but one can follow and understand what is going on within the world. The one issue I had was one of the slang words they used. It felt out of place.

I enjoyed this little gem. It left me wanting more. Some of what is going on within the story is something that is going on currently or on its way to becoming a reality. I recommend this story to those who like science fiction, young adult, dystopia, adventure, and genetic engineering.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, and this is my honest opinion.

I give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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