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Revenant Prince (Curse of Shavhalla Book 2) by T. A. Hernandez

They survived, but lost one of their own…

With Amar now under the enemy’s control, his loyal friends will stop at nothing to rescue him. To succeed, they must fight inner battles more daunting than even the harshest external challenges. New alliances are forged as former adversaries work toward a common goal, but with Kavora on the brink of war, Kesari, Aleida, and the others face mounting pressure to prevent the conflict. Very soon, it may be too late.

A prince returns to claim his throne…

Seventeen years after Prince Savir’s supposed death, an unlikely mentor guides him home to take back his crown. With the evidence clearly laid before them, several of Kavora’s most powerful leaders acknowledge his return and support his claim, but convincing the empress to step down will be a much bigger challenge. Before long, Savir is swept up in a complex game of political maneuverings, eager to be more than just a piece on the board. The stakes are high—not only for him, but for the entire empire. To further complicate matters, he can’t shake the feeling that something is amiss.

If only he could remember what.

This was one sequel I have been looking forward to reading. What I liked was the segment before the first chapter gave highlights of book one. This was helpful. Sometimes, okay most of the time, I do not reread the previous book (s). If you are a reader who does, you can skip it and move directly to chapter one.

Our cast of characters are back! Saya, Mitul, Aleida, Valkyra, Kesari, and Amar continued to grow in this continuation. Amar is dealing with another slew of memory issues, but this time he is without his fellow companions. Saya is facing the reality that maybe her gift to her people is more dangerous than she wanted to admit. Aleida is learning that there are those who do care for her, not wanting to take advantage like Valkyra did.

Mitul, caring as always, sees another side of Aleida who becomes a father or older brother figure. While with her, he discovers an old flame still has feeling towards him. The deceitful Valkyra is more power hungry, especially in her new position. She, so far, has been one step ahead of everyone, placing the pieces on the board where she sees opportunity. Then there are Kesari and Lucian. Deciding on a different path, Kesari takes the teachings of Lucian to grow in confidence and power. She learns how to push the fear away when the time asks. I enjoyed all these characters and cannot wait till book three!

With our regular cast comes with a new cast of characters. In this story, the new cast brings more pieces and mystery, which helps move the story along. I am interested in reading where they fit and how they move their pieces in book three.

The author did a wonderful job with the settings. Each culture had an understanding and purpose within the story. As a reader, you can visually see these locations being created in your mind. The contrast between the people and cultures was clear.

I felt the story was slower than the first, but it worked. My attention held from beginning to end. This was a good story, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Tethered Spirits. I also recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, and magic.

*I received an ARC from the author, and this is my honest opinion.

I give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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