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Rising Tomorrow (Roc de Chere, #1) by Mariana C. Morgan

A science-fiction thriller with a psychological and dark dystopian edge.

The year is 2725 and the world you know has come to an end. The utopia that emerged didn’t last.

The Freedom Wars have ended, but they didn’t bring freedom.

Society is split and the power of birth means everything. It puts you above the law. Without it you are nothing. Not even a slave, for nano-technology has advanced so far that slaves have become nearly superfluous.

Unless you attract the attention of predators. Illegal research thrives and virtual reality brothels have become a problem once again.

As the corruption spreads, becoming a breeding ground for all things rape and exploitation, the bodies of young men and women pile up to tell their own story.

Does an accident of birth really determine your fate?

Colonel Larsen and his team at the Military Intelligence Service put their real identities and lives on the line during this undercover operation while fighting a losing war to change the System. Eloise Moretti, an expert in VR technology, faces the ultimate fear—the real world with unpredictable outcomes.

It seems, I have a complicated time getting into cyber and techno punk. It is not like the previous ones I have read are not good stories, I just could not get into them. The techno babble would sometimes get over my head no matter how often or ways the author describes the technology. I feel like Jack from Stargate yelling at Sam to dumb it down. But I never quit looking and I am glad. I love this story!

Eloise Moretti is an elite or someone born into the higher part of society in this futuristic world. She hides behind her computers as a hermit, naïve to what it is like in the real world. But her skills in VR are above and beyond anyone in the field. At some points in the story, Eloise acts like a young child, refusing to believe what she is being told, until she is shown the truth. Eloise is a well-rounded and fleshed out character. Her story arc well executed, and she grew as a character. Will she show up in book 2? I hope so. I would like to see where her story goes.

Major Aisha Toscano goes undercover in the justice system to understand who and where the corruption is coming from. She is my favorite character. I love her personality and how she carries herself. As a reader, you can tell she is hiding secrets about herself, which seems to be a lot. Aisha is a well-rounded and fleshed out character. Her story arc was well done, but I know there is more. I cannot wait to see where her story goes in book 2.

Colonel Mathias Larsen, like Aisha, goes undercover in the justice system. He is the brains behind their operation. Unlike Eloise, Mathais is well aware of what is going on around him. He wants to change for the good of the people and knows the cost if any part of his operation goes wrong, which is why he only trusted a handful of people, if that. Mathias is another character who was written well, and I cannot wait to see where his story goes in book 2.

The book’s setting is in the future on earth. Countries were remapped, renamed, and the social hierarchy reorganized. But the reader can still imagine this world and feel connected. Initially, I got confused about the social hierarchy. I still am, but I believe I have a better grasp. The technology was easily understandable and blended into the society very well.

I enjoyed this story a lot. The author mixed the thriller and science fiction very well and gave it an old war spy feel. I cannot wait to read book 2. I recommend this book to anyone who likes thriller, science fiction, techno thriller, cyberpunk, and dystopian novels.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, and this is my honest opinion.

I give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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