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Shadow Jumper: The Quest by Cait Shea

Sucked into a time warp, Sinead, Kailum, Yolanda and Elicia, four cousins living very different lives around the world, are thrown together and embark on an incredible adventure, uncovering a mysterious future where children do not exist. The cousins become fugitives as they elude hybrid beasts, angry mobs and a tyrant ruler and learn that they must work together if they are ever to find their way back home.

This was a good story for an introduction to a series. I am looking forward to reading the rest. With this story being short, the pacing was right on, not too fast and not too slow. The author did well in the changing of point of view to introduce you to each character. It did not take me out of the story, nor did it slow it down.

The ensemble cast of characters are four cousins: Sinead (12, almost 13), Kailum 11), Yolanda (12), and Elicia (8). Each one of these characters brings something different in this story. They were all written well, and I look forward to seeing them develop more. Th cousins are not close but come together to help each other. They learn from and about each other during their journey.

Sinead lives with her grandmother in Ireland after losing her parents. She is mourning at this moment, and this leads her to blaming and questioning everything. She is also a little scavenger, and it is like her coping mechanism. Yolanda is German and is big in horse competitions. She, for me, was like the leader and seemed to like to be in control.

Kailum is from England, and he loves video games. A big gamer, he saw the other world from a unique perspective. He felt like he was trying to be the protector. The youngest of the cousins is Elicia. She was the optimist in the group. Being the youngest, it felt she was more mature sometimes than the others.

The world building of this story was easy to get into. I wished there would have been more, but understanding the age group and length, I think there was enough. The concept, for me, was a little hard to understand at first. It could have been clearer from the start, and I just did not catch it. The Christian underlining in this story was a good balance. It was not to in your face, but you knew it was there and it was an interesting twining with the fantasy aspect.

I enjoyed this story. Introductions to a series are always the set-ups. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, life learning, and fantasy.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

I give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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