Book Review, Science Fiction

Rising Tomorrow (Roc de Chere, #1) by Mariana C. Morgan

A science-fiction thriller with a psychological and dark dystopian edge.The year is 2725 and the world you know has come to an end. The utopia that emerged didn’t last.The Freedom Wars have ended, but they didn’t bring freedom.Society is split and the power of birth means everything. It puts you above the law. Without it… Continue reading Rising Tomorrow (Roc de Chere, #1) by Mariana C. Morgan

ARC Review, Book Review, Science Fiction

Oshibana Complex by Craig Hallam

Welcome to Shika-One City, humanity’s final home.Nations have come together. Gender and race are petty concerns of the past. But not everything is well in Shika-One.Humanity can no longer procreate and has to synthesize future generations. But there aren’t many genetic templates to go around and meeting yourself on the street is a daily occurrence.… Continue reading Oshibana Complex by Craig Hallam

Book Review, Science Fiction

Into the Violet Gardens by Isaac Nasri

The year is 2024. A ruthless cartel dominates Latin America, and the FBI's Troy Levi gets commissioned to intervene. A cyborg for the bureau's Virtual Division, Levi delivers a devastating blow to the cartel's power but encounters a wave of social resentment in the aftermath.As the people's feelings for cyborgs grow bitter, former black-op cyborg… Continue reading Into the Violet Gardens by Isaac Nasri