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The House of Long Shadows (House of Souls #1) by Ambrose Ibsen

The house at 889 Morgan Road has been empty almost thirty years. Maybe it should have stayed that way. Kevin Taylor is an internet-famous handyman on a mission: Find a house and renovate it in thirty days. By flipping a derelict house in a month’s time and chronicling the entire thing on video for his online subscribers, he seeks to impress a handful of network TV producers and become a star.

I wanted to like this book. I tried. I got bored with it. I finished it as I dislike leaving a book unfinished. I do not know if it is because I watch a lot of paranormal stuff and everything was predictable, or this is not my thing reading wise. Now for reference, I only watched the first Paranormal Activity, and it bore me. I was glad I did not have to pay for it. I rolled my eyes all the way through. This was the same.  
The premise of the story was not bad. Kevin Taylor was not a poor character. The author could have developed him more, but he was okay. Kevin was interesting, having him as a video blogger. He is someone who flips houses and is hoping to get a tv show. This house would get him there. 

The clues for what are going on inside the house were obvious, which is fine with this genre. I have seen and a lot of paranormal shows and am aware of the signs. The reasoning behind the haunting, I liked. It was believable and interesting to read. There was plenty of creeps factor in this book. I got squeamish at a few spots. There was enough gore for me, and I felt anymore, would have felt as an afterthought. The balance in the book was okay.   

For me, the book felt flat. The author pointed a tree out several times, and the reasoning behind it was a letdown. I was expecting it to be something cool, and the excuse was flat. The tree felt forgotten, and the author and editor came up with something on the fly. The setting was fine, but I do not remember the reasoning behind why everyone left the neighborhood bare. It was again a letdown, or never explained.

I do not want to tell anyone not to read something. Everyone has their own taste. This book was not mine. I rarely read this genre, and this could be part of it, or like I said before, I have seen a lot of paranormal stuff, and this bore me. If you want to read this, I encourage you to and see if you like it. 

I give this book a 2/5

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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