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The Superiors (The Superiors, #1) by Lav A. Kuatron

A peaceful world is the ultimate goal pursued by Oracle – a goal its founders intend to achieve, no matter the cost. Every aspect of human life is regulated through their blockchain system, and the specially trained agents in charge of securing the invaluable data coursing through Oracle’s network work for the Data Security and Management Agency.

Christian, team leader at the DSMA, works alongside his brother Sebastian, head of the agency, to investigate the distressing increases in disappearances, hackings, and complete erasures perpetrated by a talented group of hackers named “The Intruders.”

Yet the deeper Christian delves into the mysterious disappearances and data breaches, the more he becomes involved in a scabrous plot for control and dominance over the most valuable possession in a person’s life – their data. He finds himself doubting his experiences, his memories, and the entirety of his life – if memories can be changed, if the past can be rewritten, then what is real and what isn’t? Christian must make a choice – to let go of the distressing events plaguing his life, or to accept nothing – and no one – is ever as it seems.

The Superiors took me a while to get into. I think this genre is not all for me, but I am going to still try. You never know when that one book wows you. This story was one that was slow in some places, but when the action started, it picked up. The concept of the plot kept me intrigued. This was a decent start to a series.

The way the author introduced the characters was a bit confusing. I think if there was some guide in the beginning, like how the Star Wars Legends novels did, I could have followed better. It was a neat idea of having the characters use usernames to hide their identity. I did not have an issue with that, but when they used their real names, I did not have any reference to remember who was to be who.

The protagonist of the story is Christian who works with for the Data Security and Management Agency (DSMA). As a character, he wants to be loyal to the company, but when he senses something is wrong, Christian was not afraid to follow his gut. He tries to do what is right without breaking the current laws he still holds dear and compromises his friends/coworkers he can still trust. Christian is a decent character. He did not stand out to me like he could have, but he was not a forgotten character. As long as this story is, I do not think he was as flushed out as he could be, but this could happen in the next book. I am curious about his development in future books.

The rest of the cast were everywhere. My favorite were the young hackers (well, one hacker and one inventor). Their personalities and dedication to what they loved doing was what I enjoyed about them. They had a sibling kind of relationship. Christian’s team was a little flat for me. I hope if we see some of them in future books, they get developed a little more.

The setting of this book was easy to follow. As a reader, the world development helped bring you into the story. It was rich and well written. I loved how the author wrote and described futuristic items, enough to understand, but not a lot where it slowed down the pacing or bring you out of the story. Oracle was one thing I was keeping a hard time with. It is the new network security for the future and connects everyone to everything and everyone (if allowed). But I could not tell if it was a government thing or just a security network. Overall, I cannot wait to see how this world continues on in the series.

I enjoyed this story. At the beginning, I was getting worried because I was getting confused at some points, but I stuck with it. I would recommend this story to those who like cyberpunk, hackers, detective work, and near future stories.

* I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

I give this book a 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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