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The Valkyrie’s Daughter (The Helheim Prophecy #1) by Tiana Warner

From the time she was born, Sigrid has only ever been ordinary. Being paired at birth with a plain horse―instead of the powerful winged mare of a valkyrie―meant there would be no warrior path for her. No riding the skies, no glory among the nine worlds. Just the simple, unremarkable life of a stable hand.

Everything changes when a terrible enemy ambushes Vanaheim and Sigrid sees a vision of herself atop a mythical stallion, leading the valkyries into a harrowing battle. Finally, she can grab her future with her own two hands and become the hero of her own story…if she dares.

But her destiny is tied up with Mariam, a fallen valkyrie who’s allied herself with the very enemy Sigrid is trying to stop.

Now Sigrid has left ordinary behind as she begins a journey with the beautiful―if treacherous―valkyrie, each step bringing her closer to answers…and to awakened feelings for Mariam.

Only, the life Sigrid has escaped may have been paradise compared to the one she’s racing toward. Because her destination is the realm of the dead: the gates of Hel.

Norse Mythology is one I am not as familiar with, like Greek and Roman, but I am familiar enough to get by with retellings. When I saw the cover and title, it drew me to it and the blurb got me excited. I am interested in seeing what book 2 will bring.

Sigrid is a stable hand who wishes she could be more. Because of being different, she consistently gets picked on by the Valkyries in training. In her spare time, she trains herself and her trusty steed Hestur, the ways of the Valkyrie. She is determined to be heard, not realizing the consequences it could have. I am interested in seeing how Sigrid grows as a character in the next book.

Mariam is a secretive character, and those characters always catch my interest. I am one who does not have to know everything about the character in one, two, three books, or never. She acts more mature than her age because she had too. She opens up to Sigrid, discovering how Mariam became a fallen Valkyrie. I would love to learn more about her in the next book.

The world building in this story was well written. Norse mythology influence is sprinkled everywhere throughout the story. Mariam described the nine realms so one could understand. I do not know how much of it was the author or Norse mythology, as I am not as familiar with it. The romance in this story was okay. How I read it was more of a crush than anything else. Maybe this will go deeper in book 2.

I enjoyed this book. It was well paced and held my interest till the end. I would recommend this to anyone who likes slow romance, Norse mythology, Valkyries, and adventure.

*I received an ARC from NetGalley, and this is my honest opinion.

I give this book a 3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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